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3 Tips To Help Avoid Power And Performance Loss With Diesel Cars

If you have a diesel car, there is one problem that you may often have to deal with; loss of power and performance. The problem comes from problems with fuel, maintenance and the turbo that gives your engine the power it needs. With a few maintenance routines, you will not have a problem with power loss in your diesel vehicle. Here are a few tips that will help you avoid performance problems with diesel engine cars:

1. Using the Best Fuel in Diesel Engines for Better Performance

The quality of the fuel you use in a diesel car will affect performance. In cars, it is important that you use only premium fuels. The cheaper fuels are higher in water and contaminants that affect performance. In addition, it is a good idea to add an injector cleaner treatment to the gas tank. You may want to ask the oil change service to clean the injectors for you when you have the oil and filters changed in your car.

2. Filters and Sensors That Cause Problems with Diesel Engine Performance

There are also many filters and sensors that can affect your diesel engine. With modern cars, there are sensors that are used to determine the best fuel and air mixture. Diesel fuel causes these sensors to become dirty and can make it seem like the turbo is not working. In addition, dirty air, oil and fuel filters may also cause you to lose a significant amount of power with a diesel engine.

3. Cold Weather and Diesel Turbo Problems That Could Cause Performance Problems

Cold weather is another problem that can affect diesel engines, especially if you live in a northern climate. If you want to avoid cold start problems, talk with the oil change service about changing the ignition heaters when you have the oil changed. In addition, the turbo of diesel engines is used to give cars modern performance. If the turbo goes out on your car, you will have a significant loss of power and need to have it replaced. Talk with an oil change shop about replacing the turbo if yours has gone out. Sometimes, you may be able to have the turbo rebuilt, rather than buy a new one to save money on these types of costly repairs.

These are some tips that will help you avoid problems with power loss in your diesel engine. Before you begin to lose power, contact an oil change service to help with changing the fluids and filters when needed. Contact a shop, like M & R Automotive Service Center Inc, for more help.