Taking Care Of My Car

3 Ways To Protect Your Vehicle's Transmission

Protecting your vehicle's transmission should be one of the most important things that you keep in mind when operating your vehicle, typically because dealing with repairs to this particular component of your vehicle can be quite expensive. Listed below are just three of the many ways to protect the transmission of your vehicle.

Be Mindful Of Your Actual Towing Capacity

The biggest issue that you are going to want to avoid in order to protect the transmission of your vehicle is overheating, which can often because by frequent towing. However, you are completely safe to tow frequently as long as you are mindful of your vehicle's actual towing and load capacity. Going over this capacity will cause a lot of strain on your vehicle and can easily cause your transmission to overheat quickly, which can lead to complete transmission failure.

Do Not Rock Your Vehicle When You Are Stuck

Additionally, try to avoid rocking your vehicle when you are stuck in snow or ice. Sure, this action can often help you get enough traction to get out of that situation and back on the road, but it does have the potential to do a massive amount of damage to your transmission.

The reason for this is that the rocking action requires you to pull your vehicle forward and then quickly shift into reverse to back up and repeat this whole process several times.The problem with this is that shifting your vehicle into reverse while your tires may still be spinning in the forward direction can be extremely jarring to your vehicle and can potentially cause your transmission to break outright. Instead, if you happen to find yourself stuck in snow or ice, consider calling someone to pull you out or hiring a tow service to pull you out as that is going to be substantially cheaper than having to replace or repair your transmission.

Avoid Showboating With Your Vehicle

Finally, one of the things you want to avoid doing in order to protect your vehicle's transmission is to showboat with your vehicle. Sure, it can be a lot of fun when you buy a sports car or powerful vehicle to show off what it is capable of doing, but this can do a lot of damage to your vehicle's transmission. Some of the actions that you should avoid is trying to purposely spin out your tires while stationary and attempting to take off from every stop as fast as possible and while making as much noise as possible as both of those can easily overheat and severely damage your transmission.

Contact a transmission repair service today to discuss how you may be able to protect your vehicle's transmission and to have your transmission checked out if your vehicle is behaving oddly. Being mindful of your actual towing capacity, not rocking your vehicle when you are stuck, and avoiding showboating with your vehicle are all great ways to protect the transmission of your vehicle. To learn more, visit a website like http://www.budgetautomotivetucson.com