Taking Care Of My Car

Check Your Car AC/Heating System At The End Of Summer

Your car AC cooling is overworked over summer and as summer comes to an end and temperatures begin to fall, it's time to check your car AC and heating system to ensure they're in good shape for the coming cold season.

Regular maintenance of heating and cooling systems

This is needed at least once a year. You need to have your coolant level checked regularly. If need be have it flushed and refilled. You may not be able to do this yourself so contact your mechanic. You can also include this element in your regular car service.

From time to time, check for leaks under the car. Your car AC also needs regular cleaning. You may not do this yourself either because some parts are hard to reach. Call an auto repair service.

The Defogging and Defrosting System

Your car's AC system not only cools your car in summer, it also helps in defogging and defrosting the windshield in winter. Check your AC to ensure it is defrosting properly.

If it doesn't, have the system (hose, lines and water pipes) checked for leaks. This will require special equipment so call an auto AC repair specialist.  

Turn on the AC for 5 minutes a week; even when you don't need it. This will ensure that the parts stay lubricated.

Check Your Heating System

Turn it to maximum and check all vents to see whether they are heating adequately. If they are not, your coolant level could be low. Low coolant could lead to overheating and eventually cause the system to shut down.

Before you top up, find out why the coolant is low. Check the hose and radiator cap and water pipes for leaks. If you are unable to locate the leak, consult a professional.

If the heating is good but the motor noisy, the culprit could be leaves and other debris that are lodged in the heater box.

While there are some things you can do yourself to check on the status of your AC system, there are also many things that should be handled by a professional. You may not know why your AC is blowing hot air, or why there's a smell coming from the vents. Don't suffer through these problems; take the car to an auto repair service that can tell you what's going on. A little bit of investment in your AC system will go a long way for your comfort.