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Voiding Your Commercial Truck Warranties: Things To Avoid

When you buy a brand-new commercial truck, it comes with a warranty on various parts and services. As such, there are several things you should not do to avoid voiding those warranties, even if you know exactly what you are doing to the truck. The following is a list of things to avoid if you expect the truck's manufacturer to honor their warranty later on.

Unauthorized Modifications

Unauthorized modifications not only void the warranty, but they can also cause injuries, damage to property, and unrepairable damage to the truck itself. Such modifications include enhancements to the wheels, installations of different controls and devices other than what is required by law, and changes to the body structure of the truck. Keep the truck as-is, and the warranty remains the same.

Repairing the Truck Yourself, Which Results in Damage

Warranties do not cover damage to the truck as a result of attempting to repair the vehicle yourself. If you do something that causes the engine to ignite or backfire repeatedly, your warranty is void. It is a far better idea to take your truck to a licensed and authorized commercial truck repair shop. If anything goes wrong immediately after repairs are made, then the warranty might cover the cost of parts and labor. Usually, nothing happens if you take the truck to the shop for repairs, as the shop mechanics will know what they can and cannot do to maintain your warranty. 

Misuse of the Truck

Using the truck for purposes which it was not intended can also void the warranties. A commercial truck has specific purposes, which include transport of goods or for construction. Using it as a target or shield for gun practice is an example of misuse. Attempting to turn the truck into a rocket is also an example of misuse, as well as unauthorized modification. Use the truck exactly as intended by the manufacturer, and you can enjoy the extent of that warranty for the years specified.

Wait until the Warranty Has Expired

If you are going to do any of the above, it is advisable that you wait until the warranty on the truck has expired. At that point, consider taking the truck to a commercial truck mechanic, who will not only fix everything but make the modifications you want to the truck and offer words of advice for alternative uses of such a vehicle. Then you do not have to worry about things going wrong or voiding your warranty. 

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