Taking Care Of My Car

3 Ways To Take Care Of Your Turbo

It is so much fun to have a turbo engine. With a turbo engine, you get an extra boost when you need to speed up. You can always count on your turbo to kick it just when you need it, to give you that extra kick of speed to get away from a crazy driver who is tailing you or give you an extra boast for a little fun. With a turbo engine, you need to make sure that you engine in a little extra maintenance.

#1 Use Full Synthetic Oil

First off, with a turbo engine, you want to use the best oil that you can. Currently, the best oil on the market is full synthetic oil. Full synthetic oil will help protect your turbo engine from the high temperatures that it will encounter. Synthetic oil is also great because it is designed to last for more miles than traditional motor oil. With synthetic oil, your turbo engine is protected from high temperatures for an extended period of time.

#2 Warm Up Your Vehicle

You may have heard that warming up your vehicle is no longer necessary with modern engines. However, that is not entirely true. If you have a turbo engine, your engine is going to function a lot better if the oil inside of it is at the optimum operating temperatures. In order to reach the optimum operating temperatures, especially when it is really cold outside, it is a good idea to allow your vehicle a little time to warm up. When you start driving, remember that it is going to take a few minutes for the oil inside to warm up and circulate, so don't hit your turbo the first five minutes you are on the road. Allow your engine to warm up a little bit before you put the turbo into action.

#3 Cool It Down

If you use your turbo when driving, be sure to allow your engine to cool down before you turn it off. When you pull into your parking space, allow the engine to cool down for a couple of minutes before you turn your vehicle off. Idling for a few minutes will allow the temperature of your turbo engine to cool off to a safe temperature. This will help the oil cool to the right temperature and will ensure that your engine's oil doesn't get all clogged up.

With a turbo engine, you want to use fully synthetic oil inside of it and always allow time for your engine to warm up before driving and cool down after driving to keep the oil and your engine at optimum temperatures. Contact a company, like Cti Turbo, for more help.