Taking Care Of My Car

Getting Carsick A Lot? Why Your Car May Be To Blame

Most of the time, carsickness is due to motion and an extreme sensitivity to constant motion. However, if you have never been carsick a day in your life, and you suddenly start experiencing this unpleasant illness, it may not be motion that is causing the problem. It may be your car. Here are a few things that your car may be doing to contribute to your queasiness in your vehicle.

Gas Leak

A gas leak is very dangerous, but it also has the nasty effect of making you extremely dizzy and nauseous. If you smell gas while you are driving, even for a few seconds, your car may have a gas leak. Taking your vehicle into an auto service shop right away can help diagnose the leak and where the gas is leaking from. Fix that, and the gas fumes (along with your carsickness) will go away.

Brakes That Engage Oddly

So, you step on the brakes and they do not engage. You step again, and the brakes jerk you forward and engage. Do this enough and your stomach is going to feel like a red ball connected to a wooden paddle, an old toy favorite of your parents. ABS (anti-lock braking systems) brakes that start to fail do this maneuver a lot. While you may just view it as an annoyance and a digestive discomfort, it is actually quite a bit more dangerous than that. You need to have the brakes checked and repaired, which will give you enough time to take some anti-motion sickness medication.

Air Filters That Are Not Filtering 

The whole point to air filters is that they filter out the CO2 coming out of the engine and through the interior of the car. A dirty air filter, or an air filter system that is not filtering properly, sends more carbon dioxide into the car. You cannot smell or taste this gas, but the initial signs that it is present and messing with you is dizziness, nausea, and drowsiness.

When you cannot smell anything out of the ordinary in your vehicle, but you are experiencing carsickness symptoms, check the air filter. It is very dangerous to continue driving this way, as you could either pass out at the wheel, or lose control of your vehicle when your brain does not get enough oxygen. Thankfully, this is an easy fix, since you could DIY the air filter change, and just buy the air filter from the auto service shop.