Taking Care Of My Car

Got A Diesel Engine? Keep It Running Smoothly

Upgrading to a diesel engine can be a really great feeling. Diesel engines get great gas mileage and are really strong vehicles. Driving a diesel engine can be a little different than driving a regular engine though. You need to do a few different things to your diesel engine in order to keep in running smoothly for the long-term.

#1 Stay on Top of Your Oil Changes

With a diesel engine, it is especially important for you to stay on top of your oil changes. Your diesel engine needs to have clean oil in it that is free of contaminants in order for your engine to operate at optimal conditions.

Check the owner's manual and make sure that you get the oil as well as the oil filter changes on time for your vehicle. It is about the vehicle's recommended oil change miles, not what the brand of oil you use says should be your recommended oil change mileage.

#2 Use High Quality Oil Filters

When you get your oil changed, make sure that you are using high quality oil filters. Make sure that all of your oil filters meet the OEM recommendations for your vehicle. Using a lower quality oil filter could allow contaminants into your engine that could harm it. Always go for a higher quality filter over a lower quality filter.

#3 Use Diesel Treatment

Pick up a supple of diesel treatment. Diesel treatment is added to your fuel tank after your fuel up. It contains ingredients that help condition and take care of your engine. After every other fil up, add some diesel treatment to your tank. It doesn't cost that much; it is about the price of a gallon of diesel. Just think of it as topping off your vehicle with some vitamins that will help take care of your engine for the long term.

#4 Drain The Water Separator

Water can be dangerous for your diesel engine, which is why diesel vehicles have water separators. The water separator is located right next to the fuel filter. If your vehicle doesn't have one, get one installed. A water separator that is regularly drained can protect and extend the life of your diesel engine significantly.

With a diesel engine, you need to stay on top of oil changes and use high quality oil filters. You need to drain the water separator on a regular basis and you need to make sure that you use diesel treatments to condition the engine.