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Window Tinting Options: Darkness, Hue, And Material

Tinted windows can be a great addition to your car. Window tinting helps to control the temperature in the car, increase privacy, filter out UV rays etc. By reducing visibility from outside, it can also be seen as a safety and security feature. There are several ways of achieving tinted windows for your car including differences in the type of material used and the level of darkness. Here are some of the options you can consider.

Material Options

There are four commonly used materials when it comes to car window tinting: dyed window tint film, metalized film, carbon window tint film and ceramic film.

The dyed window tint film is the least expensive option and consists of a dyed film. Its heat reduction properties are not as good and the dye fades with time. The metalized film reflects heat away from the interior of the car and also strengthens your car window. This film has a shiny appearance from outside. Its drawback is interference with electrical signals.

The Carbon window tint film doesn't have this problem while blocking much of the infrared radiation. This film doesn't fade. The ceramic film is new to the market but is superior to the other options in almost every regard. However, this is also reflected in the higher price tag.


The hue of a window tint is basically its color. This refers to colors like blue, red, yellow and everything in between. For window tints, popular hues include black, gold, charcoal, bronze and gray. However, you can also find hues such as blue, green, red and yellow if you're looking for a particular look. The choice of hue for your window tint has more to do with personal taste rather than functional reasons.


Have you ever wondered why you can see out through some tinted windows while it's almost impossible to see outside through others? This is because of a quality in windows tinting called darkness. As the name suggests, this quality defines how dark the tint will be. Darkness levels range from 50% to 5% with the latter being the darkest option. The 5% window tint is also referred to as 'limo tint'. The number defines the percentage of visible light the tint will allow into the car.

Some people choose to apply their own car window tints but an auto service done by professionals will ensure you get better results. For more information, contact companies like Powers Transmission Centers.