Taking Care Of My Car

Symptoms Of A Bad Automatic Transmission

Worrying about a car failing to work is a stressful situation when it is the only vehicle that you have access to. It is important to ensure that problems are taken care of in a timely manner to prevent complete failure of a vehicle to work. You can actually end up with expensive problems if a part such as an automatic transmission becomes problematic and isn't repaired soon enough. If you are unsure if the transmission in your vehicle is in bad shape, there are a few signs that will give you a good idea if attention from a mechanic is needed. Browse through the list below to learn about some of the common signs of an automatic transmission problem.

1. Discolored Fluid Leaks Out of the Vehicle

A sign that a transmission has problems is when the fluid that powers it up begins to leak out or is discolored. A leak means that an insufficient amount of the fluid is making it to the transmission, which can lead to it operating in a poor manner. The reason why is because the fluid is needed to create the pressure that is needed for the transmission parts to move. If the fluid is discolored, it can also point to problems, even if it doesn't leak out of the vehicle. Discolored transmission fluid is usually contaminated and need to be flushed out of the vehicle.

2. Switching Gears Doesn't Happen Instantly

Gear trouble is one of the most common problems that develops when a transmission is in need of attention. For example, you might begin to notice that it takes a while for your vehicle to switch into the gear that you need to use. You might have to sit in a parking space for a while before the gear shifts into drive. A sign that such a problem has become serious is when you are no longer able to drive backwards. You end up having to park in strategic ways that allows you to drive forwards out of parking spaces.

3. Your Vehicle Shakes in an Abnormal Manner

A vehicle that abnormally shakes is one of the other signs that a transmission isn't working properly. The shaking is actually another sign that is related to the gears not working properly. If you have noticed any shaking, it is a sign that the gears are struggling to work as they should. Gears that struggle to work is usually from the transmission fluid needing to be changed. However, the problem can point to something else being wrong as well, which is why it is important for you to take the vehicle to a mechanic as soon as possible.