Taking Care Of My Car

What To Do When You Need To Press The Brake Pedal Too Far

Your car's brake system is one of the most essential parts of the vehicle. Not only do brakes keep you safe on the road, they protect you when you need to park. But if you need to press the brake pedal down to the floor to stop or slow down, it's time to replace your brake pads. Here are reasons to replace your break pads and how you can do it.

The Potential Risks of Worn Brake Pads

Brake pads are designed to stop or slow down your car during operation. The pads work by applying friction and pressure to the metal parts of your brake system. You allow these actions to occur by pressing your foot down on the brake pedal. But over time, pads can wear down. The excessive wear and tear forces you to press the pedal farther down to the floorboard. Your brakes may also make strange squealing, scrubbing, and grinding noises when you use them.

The closer the brake pedal gets to the car's floor, the more dangerous driving and parking becomes. If you encounter a situation that requires you to stop suddenly, your brakes can potentially fail. Not only is brake failure dangerous for you, it can be devastating for anyone driving in front or behind you.

You can keep you, your passengers, and other drivers safe by replacing your brake pads.

The Solutions You Need Now

You should schedule a brake system inspection as soon as possible. A local auto service technician can check the system to see if it sustained any damage from the worn out pads. The metal pieces in your brake system can crack, overheat, or wear down from friction.

If your brake system is okay, a technician will go ahead and replace your pads. The new pads may seem tight in the beginning, so be aware of this when you drive your vehicle. If you encounter any issues with stopping or slowing down, schedule a checkup with a technician. The brakes may need fluid to lubricate them.

To keep your brake pads in peak condition, avoid situations that require you to use them regularly. These situations include bumper-to-bumper driving and rush hour. If necessary or possible, wait until these times pass before you hit the road. You can also take another but safer route home after work to avoid hazardous situations.

If you're ready to make your brake system safer to use or change your brake pads, contact an auto service provider or technician, such as at G P Automotive, for help.