Taking Care Of My Car

The Cold Weather Will End Eventually: How To Get Your Car Ready To Go From Winter To Spring

Now that winter is officially here, you've probably gone to great lengths to get your car winterized. The added steps to prepare your car for the freezing temperatures will help prevent severe weather damage. However, once winter is officially over, you'll need to take steps to move your car past the cold weather of winter, and into the warmer spring weather. While you might think it would be easier to avoid weatherizing your car in the first place, that's not true. Your car actually needs to be prepared for each season. Here are three auto service steps you'll need to take to transition your car from winter to spring.

Have Your Car Detailed

During the winter, you probably don't clean your car as often as you should. After all, washing and waxing your car one day, only to have it destroyed by road salt the next day is not a very good use of your time. However, that means your car is going to be coated with dirt, road salt and grease once spring arrives. To get rid of that, you'll need to have your car detailed top to bottom, inside and out. While you're at it, don't forget about the undercarriage. You'll need to have the winter gunk removed before your undercarriage starts to corrode.

Be Prepared for the Spring Showers

If it snows where you live, your windshield wipers probably take quite a beating during the winter. That means they might not be in the best shape once spring arrives. Unfortunately, that also means that if you try using your winter wipers during a spring downpour, your visibility might be undermined. To make sure you're able to see while you're driving through those spring showers, have your windshield wipers replaced as soon as winter is officially over.

Schedule an Spring Oil Change

If you live in a colder region, you probably also had your oil switched out for one that was compatible with winter weather. Winter-grade oil has a lower viscosity so that it won't thicken in your engine once the weather turns cold. However, once the warm weather arrives, you'll need that higher viscosity oil to help protect your engine from the heat. Before you do much driving once spring arrives, take your car in and have an oil change. This is particularly important if you're planning on taking any road trips once the weather warms up.

You may be dealing with winter weather right now, but in a couple of months, spring will arrive. When it does, you'll want your car ready to go on those warm weather outings. The tips provided here will help you transition your car from cold to warm weather.