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Signs You Need A Differential Repair

The differential is a system on your car's drivetrain. It is able to split the torque of the engine so that the wheels on the vehicle turn at different rates when you make turns or other maneuvers. For most people, the differential is a part that they don't hear of or have to worry about, as this part normally lasts about 150,000 miles. But if you are driving an old car or a high mileage vehicle, you may wind up needing differential repair. Here are a few signs that you may need this type of drivetrain repair. 

Whistling Coming from the Wheels

If you are driving your car around and you begin to hear whistling, you should try to determine where it is coming from. Whistling sounds can come from several different parts in your car. If it sounds like the whistling is coming from your wheels, a worn differential is the likely culprit. Whistling coming from the wheels is often the first sign that your differential is wearing out, so always listen for this sound in an older car. 

Clunking or Banging around the Axle

If you were to put a ball inside a clothes dryer, you would hear clunking and banging when you ran the dryer. Now think about it on a smaller scale and this is what you may hear if your differential is going bad. As your differential wears out, the parts become loose and you may hear clunking and banging as the axle turns the wheels of your car. If you hear this sound, you want to stop driving your car until it can be repaired to prevent further damage. 

Coasting Sluggishly

The last sign that you may need a differential repair is that your car begins to coast sluggishly. When you are driving, you should be able to keep your foot on the accelerator pedal lightly to maintain your speed and coast down the street or freeway. But if it feels like something is holding your car back and you are coasting sluggishly, your differential may be going bad. Your wheels may be turning unevenly, causing it to feel like the wheels don't have the pressure they need or something is holding them back. 

If you have an older car and you begin to hear or experience any of these issues, you may be in need of a drivetrain repair. More specifically, your differentials may need to be repaired or replaced. If you continue to drive with worn or broken differentials, the problem will worsen and eventually it may create problems in other parts of the drivetrain, such as the axles and transmission. Contact Furgersons Garage today to schedule an appointment today to have your drivetrain inspected and any problems addressed and fixed.