Taking Care Of My Car

4 Auto Repairs And Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Car Running Like New In Extreme Cold Conditions

It looks like it is going to be another long winter with record cold temperatures, but you still have things to do. Therefore, you want to make sure your car is still reliable when the weather outside is extremely cold. With good cold weather maintenance and a few tricks for cold weather driving, the record cold temperatures will not affect your commutes. Here are some auto repair and maintenance tips to keep your car running like new during extreme cold weather:

1. Changing Your Fluids with The Cold Temperatures in Mind

The fluids in your car are important and can be affected by the extreme cold temperatures outside. Before cold arctic air arrives, have your oil and other fluids changed for thinner formulas that are designed for cold weather. For the cooling system, you a ratio of more antifreeze to water for more protection during freezing temperatures.

2. Make Sure You Have All Weather Tires with The Correct Pressure

Having good tires is important to keep you safe during the extremely cold winter weather. Install a set of all-weather tires that will provide you with traction in snow and ice that you find on the road during winter weather. In addition, you want to frequently check your tire pressure to make sure your tires have the correct pressure for optimal handling. If you find yourself in a winter storm, reduce the pressure in tires to get better traction to get you and your family home safely.

3. Adding Fuel Treatments to Prevent Problems with Starting and Idling

In extreme cold weather conditions, some fuels can turn to a gel-like substance, which makes it hard to start your car and causes other problems. To prevent fuel problems with your car, add a fuel treatment to your tank for cold weather to prevent the fuel from turning into a gel-like substance. This is especially important if you have a diesel engine, because diesel fuel is thicker and prone to problems in cold weather.

4. Changing Your Battery and Good Care to Prevent It from Getting Weak

Without a battery, your car will not start and you can find yourself stuck in the cold weather. Before the extreme cold air arrives, make sure that you have a good battery that holds a charge. To prevent your battery from getting weak, make sure you do not leave your car to heat for too long when it is cold and drive it instead. This increases the RPMs, which charges the battery better, reduces fuel consumption and prevents unnecessary engine wear.

These are some auto repair and maintenance tips to keep your car running like new in extreme cold weather. If you need help with repairs and improvements to your car, contact an auto repair shop to help prepare your car for another blast of arctic air.