Taking Care Of My Car

4 Maintenance Tips To Prevent Minor Auto Repairs From Turning Into Expensive Repair Bills

The maintenance of your car is important if you want to keep it out of the repair shop and money in your pocket. Changing the oil is just one of the maintenance tasks that need to be done. There are also minor repairs like changing brake pads, replacing worn belts, and caring for your tires. If you want to avoid expensive bills that come with unexpected visits to the repair shop, here are some auto maintenance tips that will help:

1. Routine Tire Care and Suspension Maintenance When Needed

It is important that you do routine tire maintenance to ensure good handling, safety, and performance of your car. First, you want to check the treads of your tires for wear, and you should also check the pressure in your tires. When it is time to change your tires because the treads have worn down, have them balanced and have an alignment done to the suspension of your car to ensure good handling and even tire wear.

2. Changing the Oil and Other Fluid Maintenance to Reduce Wear

Changing the oil and other fluids is important to reduce engine wear and other problems. When you have the oil changed in your car, this is also a good time to have the coolant system flushed and the antifreeze replaced. You also want to routinely check the levels of all fluids, which include transmission and brake fluid. Occasionally, the brake and transmission fluids may also need to be changed as part of routine maintenance for your car.

3. Checking Brake Pads and Having the Pads Changed When Needed

Brake pads wear down over time and need to be replaced before they start making noise due to metal scratching the rotors. Routinely check your brake pads for wear and have them changed when they are worn. In addition to changing the pads, the air will also need to be bled out of the brake system to ensure you have responsive brakes when you need them.

4. Replacing Belts and Other Parts That Wear Out

Belts are used for timing, water pumps, and alternator of your car. These are rubber components that can wear and become damaged over time. Check belts for signs of damage like cracked rubber or normal wear and have them replaced when needed. In addition, you will also want to regularly inspect other rubber and plastic parts that can wear down and eventually need to be replaced when doing routine maintenance and repairs.

If you want to avoid costly auto repairs, do the maintenance your car needs to prevent damage. Contact a brake repair service for help with brake maintenance, changing fluids, and handling other essential auto maintenance repairs that need to be done. Check out websites like http://www.autorepairhighdesert.com/ to learn more.