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Replacing Your Car's Tires? Know What Factors To Consider

Has the tread on your current tires run thin, and now it's time to replace them? If so, you may be wondering what factors you should be looking at to compare the different tires available to you. Here are 3 things you should pay attention to when picking your new tires.

Tread Rating

It's natural for the tread on a tire to wear down with regular use, but there are tires that perform better when it comes to tread wear. This is measured by a tire's tread rating, which should give you a general idea of how fast the tire tread will wear down.

Tread rating is done in a controlled environment so that each tire is compared in the same way. Think of the rating as a measurement comparing a base tire of 100. This means that a tire with a tread rating of 200 will be twice as good when compare to a tire rated as 100. The higher number will always be better. Of course, these tests are based on control environments and not real world driving conditions.

Temperature Rating

Tires tend to get hot very fast when they are rotating, especially in warm climates and at fast speeds. If a tire isn't able to withstand high temperatures then the tire could cause uneven tread wear. Heat can also cause a tire to potentially fail prematurely.

The tire's temperature rating will indicate how well a tire can resist heat. The rating scale goes as high as A and as low as C, with the C rating resulting in poor heat resistance. You may end having to replace a C rated tire sooner rather than later, which is something to consider when making a selection. The C rated tire may be cheaper, but cost you more in the long run.

That said, understand that all tires are perfectly safe for use on your car no matter what the temperature rating is.

Traction Rating

A tire's ability to come to a complete stop is measured by its traction rating. The score can be as high as AA and as low as C. One thing to keep in mind about traction ratings is that they are based on a controlled environment that has a dry surface. The ratings do not reflect the differences on snow, ice, or wet surfaces where traction can vary.

Need help deciding on tire replacement services? Reach out to a local auto shop for assistance.