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Car Air Conditioning Service: 3 Possible Reasons Your Car's AC Is Not Working

Besides being annoying, a car without functional air conditioning can expose you to various risks. For instance, you may get dehydrated or suffer a stroke. For this reason, it is important to seek car air conditioning service when you realize there is an issue with your AC. Some of the common causes of a faulty vehicle AC include the following.

1. Leakages That Reduce the Refrigerant Levels

One of the top reasons most car ACs stop working is a refrigerant leak. The AC relies on the refrigerant to keep the car cool. So, when the levels reduce due to leakages, your air conditioning will not give off cool air. Leaks in the AC system mainly occur due to damage or wear and tear in the seals and tubes. It is not easy to detect these leaks, and you will have to conduct a close inspection of the car's air conditioning system to notice them. It is vital to hire professionals to fix such leaks as soon as you notice them, or you might have to deal with the significant inconveniences.

2. Damage or Blockages in the Condenser

The condenser works to cool the humid and hot air to keep cool air flowing into your car. The re-cooling process relies on the air flowing from your car's front when you are on the road. However, debris from the road can accumulate on the condenser and block it, reducing its efficiency. Since most cars have the compressor at the front, you can easily identify blockages when you open the hood.

However, if you don't see any blockages, the compressor may be broken. So, look out for any signs of punctures or holes. If the compressor has visible punctures, you will have to get it replaced.

3. Issues With the Electrical Components

Your car's electrical unit is critical for the proper functioning of the AC. Therefore, electrical issues such as blown fuses or loose connections will affect the air conditioning unit's efficiency. It is important to get any auto electrical problems fixed to avoid inconveniences.

Unlike other car components, it is not easy to know when the AC is about to fail. Therefore, it is important to take your car for regular professional air conditioning inspection and repair. The professionals will ensure the compressor is working as usual and there are no leaks within the unit. Consequently, you can enjoy cool drives during the hot seasons.

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