Taking Care Of My Car

Why Regular Tire Alignments Should Be Part Of You Car Maintenance Plan

When it comes to car maintenance, most car owners are aware that the engine oil needs changed regularly and will also keep an eye on a number of other things under the hood. One particular area that can sometimes be overlooked though is tire alignments. Sure, most owners know their tires may need to be replaced after so many miles, but did you know you could significantly increase the lifespan of your tires and improve your driving experience with a regular alignment checkup? Here's why you should reach out to a local tire or auto shop today to discuss alignment. 

Poor Alignment Leads to Poor Performance and More Wear and Tear

When your tires are uneven or not properly aligned, there is an uneven amount of pressure throughout the tire. This can cause one side of the tire to have to work harder than the other. This extra work can cause more wear and tear and lower the overall performance of your car. It may take you longer than it otherwise would to accelerate to a certain speed after a stop sign or red light and the longer you drive on poorly aligned tires, the more wear and tear you will continue to create.

Poor Alignment Can Create a Less Comfortable Ride

Poor performance and additional wear and tear are reasons enough to consider a regular tire alignment check-up, but you should also go into the tire shop if you notice that the quality of the ride is poor. Uneven tires can cause a bumpier or "jerkier" experience every time you try to accelerate quickly or take a sharp turn at speed. Tires with the correct amount of pressure and the right alignment will help provide a smoother ride and a more comfortable cabin experience as you move down the road.

Poor Alignment Can Cause You to Burn Through Your Fuel More Quickly

Fuel prices typically rise over time due to inflation, and perhaps you find yourself trying to do whatever you can to improve your fuel efficiency and save some money at the pump. But if you are not keeping your tires properly aligned, you are going to feel it in your wallet. A car with poor alignment and therefore poor performance has to work harder to get you down the road and this will cause your vehicle to become less fuel-efficient, using up more of your fuel than it otherwise would to get you to your destination.

Reach out to a tire shop for more information on tire alignments.