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3 Telltale Signs Of A Failing Brake System

New brakes are a common automotive repair. Drivers who take chances and drive with brakes that have reached the end of their lifecycle run the risk of getting involved in car accidents. Sometimes drivers do not recognize the signs that it is time for new brakes, or they do not realize how bad the situation is. Brakes last for thousands of miles.

The estimated lifespan is dependent on the type of brakes purchased. The manufacturer of the parts will have an estimate, and the auto repair shop that performs the service can advise drivers accordingly. It is important to note that driving conditions and driving style may also impact how long brakes last. The following points highlight a few changes in braking that indicate a need for new brakes.

Leaking Fluid

Vehicles may leak a variety of fluids. Sometimes drivers cannot determine what type of fluid their vehicles are leaking. Most fluids have distinct colors to make them easier to determine. Brake fluid may appear clear, yellow, or yellowish-brown. If it is yellowish-brown, that is indicative that the fluid has aged and the vehicle likely needs a brake service that includes changing the fluid. These types of leaks will normally be evidenced around the tires of a parked vehicle.

Delayed Response

A properly working braking system will slow down when the pedal is initiated. If a vehicle's performance changes and it takes longer to slow down, it is likely an issue with the braking system. An inspection needs to be performed. The delayed response could be due to a fluid leak, worn pads, or both.

Burnt Odors

There are a variety of things that can produce burnt odors such as oil, radiator, and brake fluid making contact with heated parts. These odors often smell like burnt rubber. Loose hoses and belts may also emit this odor, which is why it is best to get a mechanic to inspect the vehicle. Individuals should treat the issue as an emergency because overheating can destroy the brake line and render the vehicle's brakes useless. Depending on driving conditions, an accident could occur.

An auto repair shop is a good resource to use to determine the condition of brakes. They can determine if the brake system is damaged or if there are specific parts such as pads that need to be replaced. Drivers who experience their brake lights coming on in their dashboards should not dismiss the importance of it if the light does not stay on. A quick inspection at a repair shop can determine whether it is time for new brakes.

Contact an auto repair shop for more information.