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Is Your Steering Wheel Shaking Annoyingly? 4 Possible Causes

You should experience a smooth drive when your vehicle is in excellent condition. Thus, vibrations of the steering wheel are a sign that all is not well. You'll need to seek auto repair services if the problem persists. Sometimes, vibrations happen when you have failing or worn-out parts such as brake pads or rotors. Here's a look at the different issues contributing to a shaking steering wheel.

There Is an Improperly Aligned Tire

When one vehicle tire isn't properly aligned, the steering tends to shake. A common cause of wheel misalignment is driving on rough terrain. To determine whether a wheel is misaligned, check the tire tread condition. Your wheels need an alignment if the inside has worn out more than the outside. Wheel balancing by a professional auto repair expert can help fix the vibrating steering.

Some Suspension Components Are Worn Out

Usually, a front-wheel drive car has inter-connected steering and suspension systems. Therefore, worn-out suspension components can cause steering wheel vibrations. A faulty ball joint is the leading cause of a shaky steering wheel in older cars. And if this issue mainly occurs while driving at high speed, damage to the rear suspension could be the problem. Seeking immediate repair is crucial owing to the vital role of the suspension system in a vehicle.

Warping of the Brake Rotors

The brake rotors are circular discs where the brake pads press, enabling the vehicle to stop. Usually, this contact generates heat which can cause the rotors to bend. This problem will likely occur if you don't perform regular brake maintenance. If you try to apply brakes when the rotor is bent, your steering will shake. Your auto repair technician should change the rotor to resolve this issue. If caught early, it's possible to fix the shaky steering by straightening the rotor.

Dysfunctional Wheel Bearings 

The wheel bearing's role is to ensure the tires rotate properly. If you don't lubricate them well, they may crack. Typically, the steering wheel will shake while turning if the bearing is weak. In this situation, bearing replacement is advised. If not addressed on time, you may experience damage to the suspension and lose control while driving.

Shaky steering is not only annoying but also unsafe. Thus, it is advisable to visit an auto repair expert as soon as this problem emerges. They will unearth the underlying problem and provide a suitable remedy. Besides that, frequent vehicle servicing will avert such problems in the future.

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