Taking Care Of My Car

Tips To Supercharge Your Car's Energy Efficiency

If you are like most people, you are probably concerned about your fuel consumption and overall energy efficiency. You want your energy to last as long as possible. Here are a few tips on how you can do that.


Tempting as it is to drive at high speed, be aware that that kind of speed is not good for your fuel economy. Try to keep your speed average, that is, within the range of 50-55 miles per hour. Above that, your consumption increases significantly.  

Also drive smoothly and avoid spurts of speed followed by sudden stops. Keep your car off rough roads as they over-exert your car.


Under-inflated tires cause your car to consume more. Keep your tires well-inflated for better fuel efficiency. Use the right tires for driving on the highway. Your heavy tread, off-road tires may not be appropriate.

Cruise Control

Does your car have cruise control? Use it. It will help to keep your driving steady on the highway. You will also save a significant amount of fuel.

Avoid Idling

If you have to stop for more than one minute, turn off your engine. Your car keeps consuming fuel even when idling.

Do not Overload

Check your trunk for unnecessary weight. Keep at home things you don't need. Also remove your roof rack if you have one and only put it back when you need it.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance will keep your car running efficiently. Keep your car in good shape through regular tune-ups. Change oil and filter regularly.

Use the right engine oil for your car. Follow your manufacturer's manual. When your oil is thicker than required, your car will need more fuel to pump it. Also consider using synthetic oil for greater engine efficiency.

Get Your Windows Tinted

Also consider having your windows tinted. The tint of the glass film blocks out some of the sun's rays, which keeps your car cooler during the summer months. As a result, you won't need to run your AC as much. To top it off, blocking the UV rays helps preserve the interior of your car. The process is fairly simple and involves adhering a tinted film to the car's existing windows. Visit a website like http://midamericatint.com/ to learn more.

Change Your Fueling Technique

Do not be quick to remove the nozzle from the tank. A lot of fuel remains inside the pump after the gauge has stopped running.

Before you complain about the cost of energy, take a look at your driving habits, your maintenance schedule, your car temperature and your fueling techniques. A little improvement on these areas will keep your gas going for longer.