Taking Care Of My Car

Ways To Prevent Transmission Problems With Your Vehicle

Of all the types of problems a car can develop and experience, transmission problems are among the worst. Fixing a bad transmission can be very costly and time-consuming, and this is why you should do all you can to prevent transmission problems. Here are some of the top ways for you to prevent problems with your car's transmission.

Keep an Eye on the Fluid

For your transmission to operate properly and last as long as possible, it needs good, clean transmission fluid. Transmission fluid generally lasts a very long time, but it does not last forever. Additionally, if your car springs a leak, it could drain some or all of the transmission fluid. When your car does not have enough transmission fluid in it, or when the transmission fluid is dirty and old, your car's transmission might begin to experience some problems.

Keeping an eye on the fluid in your car is one of the easiest and most effective ways to keep your transmission operating properly. You can check this yourself if you know how, or you could add a mechanic to check it. You could also ask your oil change company to check the fluid each time you get your oil changed in the car.

You should also make sure you always use the right type of transmission fluid in your car when it is needed. While there are only a few different main types, using the right type is vital for your car's performance.

Try to Keep Your Engine Cool

An engine will naturally get hot while a car is running, but there are certain components in your car's engine that are there to help it stay cool. The engine oil in your car, for example, helps keep an engine cool, and this is one of the reasons it's important to change the oil in your car regularly.

If the engine gets too hot too often, it can actually damage the transmission. The transmission needs to stay as cool as possible. The parts in the transmission will begin to wear out faster when they get too hot. To avoid problems, you should take every step you can to keep your engine cool.

Get Tune-Ups

Getting tune-ups on your car will help with keeping the engine cool, but tune-ups can also include specific services for transmissions. One good type of service to consider getting for your car is a transmission flush or change. This service is designed to make sure your car has enough transmission fluid in it and that the fluid is clean. You do not need this service often, and you can read in your owner's manual how often you should have it done.

Have a Mechanic Check Your Car If You Experience Signs of Transmission Problems

The other good way to prevent major transmission problems is by getting your car checked if you experience any minor signs of problems with the transmission. For example, if you notice that your car is not shifting smoothly anymore, get it checked out quickly. This could simply mean that your transmission fluid is low. Adding more fluid, then, could solve the problem.

If your engine revs up as if the car is in neutral while you are in gear driving, this too can be a sign of transmission problems. Getting problems examined and fixed while they are minor will be less costly and much easier to do.

If you are currently experiencing signs of transmission problems, contact an auto repair shop that offers transmission services. They can diagnose the problem and offer options for repairing it. You can schedule an appointment by contacting a local shop today.