Taking Care Of My Car

4 Extra Things To Check At Your Next Oil Change

These days, vehicles can go longer than ever in between oil changes. You should always defer to your vehicle owner's manual--but it's not uncommon for newer vehicles to be able to go up to 7,500 miles (or more) in between oil changes. When it comes time to schedule a car oil change (or tackle one yourself), this is also a good time to check a few other important components on your vehicle. This way, you can keep your car running smoothly and safely.

Fluid Levels

The fluid levels in your vehicle should be checked and topped off as needed at every oil change. Some of the most important fluids to check include:

Most oil change services will include a free top-off of these fluids, but that's not always the case—so it's a good idea to confirm before you drive off.

Air and Cabin Filters

Your vehicle contains two different filters that should also be checked and potentially swapped out at your next oil change appointment (aside from your oil filter, which should be included with your service). This includes your air filter, which ensures that the air making its way to your car's engine is free of debris and other contaminants. There's also your cabin filter, which removes unwanted pollutants and debris from the air that gets blown through your car's vents and into the cabin itself.

Light Bulbs

Turn signals, headlights, brake lights, and fog lights (where applicable) should also be checked at your next oil change appointment. Swapping out these bulbs is usually inexpensive and simple enough to do on your own, but keep in mind that some cars require special tools or instruments to access these lights. Unless you have the right tools, it may be easier to have this service done at a trusted service shop.

Windshield Wiper Blades

Most windshield wipers are only designed to last for about a year before they need to be replaced, so it's a good idea to check them during oil changes. If they're more than a year old or if you're noticing skipping or streaking when they're in use, it may be time to replace the blades.

Some oil change shops may include these items as part of a multi-point inspection, but this varies from one place to the next. Regardless, by having these things looked at as part of your next oil change, you can keep your car in safe operating condition.