Taking Care Of My Car

Focus Points For Electric Car Services

Some people think electric cars need less maintenance than conventional cars with combustion engines. However, electric cars require regular maintenance, just like cars with combustion engines. Electric cars have some parts that conventional cars lack, operate differently in conventional cars, or suffer different wear in conventional cars.

Below are some of these parts and their demand for special care during maintenance.


All cars use tires, and all tires wear and tear over time. Thus, your electric car requires tire maintenance, just like gasoline cars. You must rotate the tires, inflate them properly, inspect the shocks, and ensure they work well and efficiently.

The batteries that power electric cars make them heavier than conventional cars. The additional weight may cause accelerated tear wear for some electric cars. Pay extra attention to the tires, especially during the wet or icy seasons when tires play a greater role in road safety.

Motor System

An electric car has an electric motor that turns electricity into kinetic energy (motion) to drive the car. The electric motor does what the engine does for the fuel car. Thus, you don't have to worry about replacing engine oil, spark plugs, clutch fluids, and related parts.

However, the electric motor system still has parts that need maintenance. For example, some motor parts require lubrication for cooling and friction reduction.

Brake System

Most electric cars use regenerative braking, where the car reverses the process that creates forward motion to stop the car. Regenerative braking is efficient since it generates electricity to power the car. Regenerative braking causes reduced wear and tear to the brake system (discs and pads), but it doesn't eliminate them. Thus, you still need to inspect and replace worn brakes.

Climate Control

Climate control systems maintain comfortable temperatures for all car interiors. However, climate controls work differently in gas and electric cars, at least when it comes to heating. Fuel cars draw energy from the engine to heat the car, while electric cars get their heat from the battery or separate heat pump. Thus, the heating system's maintenance is unique to electric cars.


Most modern cars rely on software for some functions. However, electric cars rely more on software for core functions than gasoline cars. For example, electric cars use software for charging control, regenerative braking, and diagnostic alerts. Most software maintenance involves over-the-air updates. You may need dealership visits for major software issues.

Hopefully, you will take good care of your electric car, and it will serve you well. Remember to use an auto mechanic experienced in electric cars for the service. 

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